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  • Teaching basic philosophical skills
  • Promotion of dialogical skills by means of philosophical questions and discussions
  • Promotion of the handling of basic forms of argumentation
  • Strengthening awareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity and promoting intercultural education
  • Encouraging critical, creative and empathetic ("caring") thinking
  • Raising awareness and addressing generational and gender issues
  • Visibly confronting all forms of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, skin color, religion or belief, national or social origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability
  • Promotion of reflexive and communicative skills
  • Promotion of tolerance, solidarity and understanding of democracy
  • Promotion of creative competencies
  • Promotion of cognitive and affective skills of children and young people in order to be able to cope with the challenges of living together in a multicultural society
  • Promotion of mutual understanding and respect for human rights and democracy
  • Support and promotion of pedagogical-philosophical approaches for an in-depth examination of global, cosmopolitan, ecological, digital and social issues
  • Promotion of media competencies
  • Promotion of problem-solving skills
  • Teaching digital skills - digital literacy - digital ethics
  • Promoting environmental awareness and addressing climate change
  • Research in the spirit of sustainability
  • Strengthening independence
  • Strengthening a sense of responsibility
  • Strengthening resilience
  • Support in the development of own potentials

The interest in our events is very high, so we offer numerous courses and workshops for children, young people and adults. Starting with wonder and amazement, we deal with a wide variety of scientific and philosophical phenomena and current issues, thus implementing the aforementioned goals successfully.

The goal is to think and reflect together in a dialogue - dialogical philosophising in a "Community of Inquiry" (research community).

Especially in stressful situations, such as the Corona crisis, it is necessary to strengthen children and young people, to encourage them, motivate them, support them and offer interesting occupations. The efforts must come from us adults - the crisis offers us the opportunity to experience new appreciations, to build and deepen relationships. Shared reflection can be initiated through philosophical conversations and develop into a shared dialogue. Philosophical questions and shared inquiry provide the opportunities and framework to engage with our own thoughts, norms, values, different ways of living, and current crises, and to foster togetherness.



Institut für Kinder- und Jugendphilosophie

Karmeliterplatz 2/2. Stock
A- 8010 Graz

Tel.: +43 (0)316 90370 201
Fax: +43 (0)316 90370 202

Opening hours

Mo - Do 08:00-16:00
Fr 08:00-12:00

and according to telephone agreement

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