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Work Areas


The Austrian Society for Philosophy of Children and Youth has produced an extensive research literature, including philosophical and empirical studies. It has made an important contribution to philosophizing with children and adolescents, and has led to a new understanding of the meaning of childhood and philosophy.

Theoretical work is carried out in the field of basic scientific research on the philosophy of children and adolescents, studies on the development of thinking and personality of children and adolescents, childhood as a social phenomenon, review of the history of the philosophy of children and adolescents, as well as overview of different approaches to the philosophy of children and adolescents in different countries.

Other areas of focus include: philosophical foundations on peace and justice; cosmopolitanism and identity; language, diversity and understanding; critical thinking, knowledge and responsibility; digitalization and ecology; pluralism and interdisciplinary perspective; research in sustainability.

  • Concrete research and evaluation of projects and school experiments
  • Implementation of research and EU projects
  • Scientific supervision of school experiments
  • Supervision of scientific work at home and abroad
  • Congresses, conferences, symposia, workshops
  • Lectures

Preparation of working documents

  • Material development: Children's and youth books, work and teaching materials.
  • Publications of books, articles
  • Cooperation with publishing houses
  • Translation work for the adaptation of materials for the European cultural area

Education and training

In the field of education and further training, the aim is to provide access to a continuous program of seminars, courses and events for as many sections of the population as possible, but especially for children and young people.

  • Seminars, Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Symposia
  • Continuing education
  • Training
  • Continuing education
  • Cooperation with various institutions

Philosophical counseling center

Growing up of children and teenagers has changed in many ways as a result of social, economic and social changes. The environment of children and adolescents in highly civilized countries is shaped by influences of technological development, mass media, consumer goods, among others.

It is well known that children and young people ask more questions than ten wise people can answer. Behind these questions there is often a hint of a deeper philosophical problem. If children and adolescents are left alone with these questions, an irretrievable opportunity is lost to support them in their spiritual and mental development.

As a philosophical counseling center we stand

  • Parents
  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Teachers
  • Educators
  • Kindergarten teachers

and available to all educational institutions.

Information and documentation center

  • Documentation Center for Philosophy of Children and Youth (theses, dissertations, centers)
  • Library


Institut für Kinder- und Jugendphilosophie

Karmeliterplatz 2/2. Stock
A- 8010 Graz

Tel.: +43 (0)316 90370 201
Fax: +43 (0)316 90370 202

Opening hours

Mo - Do 08:00-16:00
Fr 08:00-12:00

and according to telephone agreement

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