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Eduskills+ Reflect 2

Tuesday, 11 April 2023

Reflect 2 is the extension of the multilingual platform EduSkills+, dedicated to cosmopolitan education strategies and their growing importance in the European and international context.

We live in a time of great uncertainty and change. The acceleration of globalization has numerous effects and reaches into people's lives and also into European classrooms. Failure to adequately apply these changes to one's own life leads to fear, exclusion and withdrawal from society, and in extreme cases, violent radicalization. All of this puts pressure on schools and educators to understand the ever-evolving global environment and prepare young people for this new world. This requires the development of specific educational strategies aimed at fostering intercultural dialogue and the construction of new identities that arise from the possibilities of engagement with the Other.

The starting point for the EduSkills+ Reflect 2 project is the idea of philosophical inquiry in a research community and its underlying cosmopolitan ideal. It provides an educational opportunity through which children and young people are able to develop the ability to think critically, creatively and empathetically about the diverse nature of the social reality in which we live.

Modules are currently available on the following topics:

  • Thinking
  • Language and diversity
  • Human Rights
  • Democracy
  • Diversity in soccer
  • Flight from war and persecution
  • The functioning of anti-Semitism
  • Antiziganism
  • Islamophobia: What is it and why does it exist?
  • Sustainable consumption
  • The path of our products
  • Globalization

The aim of the project EduSkills+ Reflect 2 is to extend the ​​​​​​​already existing offerder Plattform EduSkills+  by the following areas:

  • Climate Change
  • Digital ethics
  • Water, a resource in danger
  • Empathy
  • Global and local
  • Smartphone
  • Climate justice
  • Homophobia
  • Disability

The project is carried out by 8 organizations from 6 countries. The aim of the cooperation is to develop new modules on current social issues.
The platform and all materials are available in English, German, Italian, Polish, Slovak and Slovenian.

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