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Podcast: FIDEL - The Digital Future of Reading

Thursday, 04 August 2022

At the request of AK Steiermark and to the delight of the project team, as well as the school and the students, a podcast was recorded at Antenne Steiermark: Participants were Dipl. Päd. Dagmar Hoeller BEd as a teacher and as a representative of the school, 2 students Niclas and Jacky and project management Univ.- Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. mult. Hermann Maurer Austria Forum TU Graz and Univ. lect. Mag. Dr. Dr. hc. Daniela G. Camhy Institute for Philosophy of Children and Youth.

The 20-minute podcast is available for listening on the following platforms:

For further information about the project: nid.kinderphilosophie.at/Home/Collections/22

Supported by the Project Fund Arbeit 4.0 – Arbeiterkammer Steiermark.

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